ProbityPro™ Probity Software

ProbityPro™ is a purpose-built application to manage the complete probity and procurement cycle

ProbityPro™ has all the built-in records-based features that traditional content management systems do not provide, whilst at the same time providing the flexibility needed to accommodate an organisation's nomenclature, procurement processes and governance, workflows and more.

In partnership with Landell

CCO Frameworks have partnered with Landell ( to create a derivative product of our flagship GRC framework, Pali. Landell has significant experience successfully managing probity at all levels. ProbityPro™ can be delivered either as a SaaS product (fully hosted in Australia in a highly secure environment) or on other infrastructure of a client's choosing. ProbityPro™ is subject to rigorous annual penetration testing to ensure the safety of clients' confidential data.

For further information regarding ProbityPro™, please email:

Manage probity and compliance associated with procurements of any size (accommodating centralised, decentralised and outsourced procurement models).

Manage a wide range of other important organisational compliance requirements (corporate governance, enterprise risk management, compliance management).

Access important probity guidance material, with comprehensive auditing and accountability, and other relevant organisational compliance information and resources.

Respond quickly and efficiently to audits and other types of internal or external investigations.

Monitor the probity compliance of an organisation's entire procurement portfolio.

Readily undertake probity and compliance audits for identified activities and transactions.